5 Spring Decor Trends to Try in 2016

Spring has arrived, bringing with it the promise of renewal and brighter days. If you’re looking for a fresh start, the best place to begin is at home! It’s amazing what a coat of paint or some new fixtures can do to transform your living space – and your mindset. Try these five trends to create a modern, yet cozy vibe at home this Spring:

Neutrals with a Splash of Color


Photo from Decorilla

Pale walls and flooring certainly have minimalist appeal, but it’s easy to become lost in neutrals. Break it up a bit with pops of vibrant color. Add a few bright throw pillows, blankets, and accent pieces for a playful touch. Plus, you can easily swap out these accessories when you’re ready for another seasonal change.

Quirky Light Fixtures


Photo from HGTV

Everyone has a different interpretation of the word “quirky,” so feel free to get creative! Funky fixtures can transform the ambiance of a space with different lighting and personality. Whether you want to go full-on Steampunk or simply change your lampshades, adding nontraditional or unexpected light fixtures is a simple way to showcase your style.

Embroidered Fabrics


Photo from York

Another way to disrupt a minimalist design is by incorporating traditional fabrics in novel ways. Add an embroidered accent pillow to a modern sofa or hang ornate window treatments with sleek tie-backs for a unique blend of romantic and minimalist decor.

Textured Ceramics

textured ceramics

Photo from Michelle Liebmann

If you’re looking for an inspiration piece to anchor your vision, try starting with pottery or a sculpture that catches your eye. Ceramics with shimmer and texture can be an easy, creative way to add more layers to your design.

Gray Hardwood Floors

Gray Hardwood Floors

Photo from houzz

Neutral floors do wonders to open up a space. If you’re not ready to renovate your current floors, try adding neutral rugs instead. For an even bolder move, cover an accent wall with planks of wood with a gray finish. The unexpected-yet-familiar vibe will be ideal for a modern, cozy home.

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