7 Back-to-School Organization Tips to Make Your Life Easier

It’s that time of year again! Summer starts off slowly but somehow flies by before we’re ready to bid farewell to our long afternoons at the pool. Getting back into the groove can take a while, but staying organized can help your entire family transition smoothly. These 7 tips will help you all adjust to your new school routine:

1. Create a homework station.
Homework Station_Pinterest
Photo by Sand and Seal

Carve out a designated area in your home for doing homework, whether it’s at a desk in your child’s room, a nook in the kitchen, or a table in a bonus room. Keep essential school supplies on hand, like notebook paper, pens, and pencils. Having an official homework station will help your kids establish a routine for completing their assignments after school, and it will help you prevent clutter from accumulating in other areas of your home.

2. Store extra school supplies.
Craft Station
“What, your project is due tomorrow and you need poster board and glitter?” Let’s face it, these situations tend to arise for all parents at some point. Try to prevent any last-minute stressful trips to your local craft store by keeping basic project supplies on hand.

3. Create a family calendar.
Family Calendar
Coordinating soccer practices, band concerts, doctor’s appointments, and PTO meetings can get hectic pretty quickly. Create a family calendar that you can easily reference to help everyone stay on the same page. Choose a system that works for you. I recommend using a different color ink for each person in your family.

4. Create a home file cabinet.
Home File Cabinet
Keep all important school documents in an organized file folder. If possible, store both hard copies and soft copies so you can access the forms quickly and easily in the future. You’ll prevent unnecessary stress by not having to search for that pesky field trip permission slip before the school bus arrives.

5. Sort and donate extra clothes.
Closets can become cluttered quickly, especially when your kids seem to outgrow their clothes overnight. Be sure to sort their clothing at the start of every school year and eliminate any items that no longer fit. You can donate the clothes to your local thrift store, or you can give them away as hand-me-downs. You’ll help someone else, and you’ll stay more organized!

6. Create a snack station.
Snack Station
Designate a specific drawer, cupboard, or basket in your kitchen for healthy snacks that you can grab on the go. You can pack them in lunches or snag a few when you’re running out the door to make it to dance rehearsal on time.

7. Create a school-night checklist.
Photo by Kid to Kid

Help everyone in your family stay on track by creating a school-night checklist that includes specific tasks that need to be finished before bedtime. Potential entries on your list could include homework, chores, laying out clothes for the next day, and whatever else you choose!

I hope these tips help you and your family stay organized this school year. If you have any other back-to-school advice, I’d love to hear it!

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