20 GIFs All Runners Will Understand

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a GIF must be worth at least 5K. Here you will find colorful moments that only runners will truly appreciate.

1. When you’re in the start corral with your friend:


You’ve done all you can at this point. Now it’s time to harness that nervous energy and have fun!

2. When someone teases you about your hydration belt: 

giphy (16)

Didn’t you hear? Hydration belts are all the rage this season. All the cool kids are wearing them.

3. When a training run just sucks for no apparent reason: 

giphy (1)

We’ve all been there. The course wasn’t that tough, the weather was great, and you got plenty of sleep… but every mile was agonizing. The important thing is that you lace up and try again tomorrow – or the day after.

4. When you finish a long run and someone mentions ANY food:

giphy (2)

What are you in the mood for? A burger? Pancakes? A stale Clif bar? YES. Just… yes.

5. When you finally find the perfect pair of running shoes and the brand discontinues them: 

giphy (3)

“Yes, hi. We upgraded our previous model with revolutionary, mind-blowing features that you’ll hate – and we’re going to charge you more. Oh, and they’re only available in your least favorite color. K, thanks!”

6. When you’re trying to register for a race before the price increases:

giphy (14)

*sigh* The strategy really does work. Why pay 20 extra bucks for no reason? Also, there’s a chance you might back out later if you don’t sign up now.

7. When you’re really feelin’ the bling:

giphy (4)

The novelty of getting a medal can wear off after you’ve added some hardware to your collection. But every once in a while, there’s that one medal that really catches your eye.

8. When you check the 10-day weather forecast even though you know it’s probably inaccurate:

giphy (5)

Oh no! 30% chance of rain next Saturday?! I’ll check back in an hour and see if anything’s changed.

9. When the weather actually is terrible on race day:

giphy (18)

I’m not crying, I swear… that’s just an excessive amount of rain all over my face.

10. When you sit down to rest after a marathon and then try to stand up again:

giphy (6)

After running 26.2 miles, your body might just say, “Nah, that’s enough.”

11. When there’s a sale at your favorite running store:

giphy (13)

“I don’t really need anyth– oh wait, is that shirt 50% off? I should totally get it. And some shorts to match.” (I’m looking at you, West Stride).

12. When you get a PR:

giphy (8)

You just got your best time ever, so don’t hold back! Your fellow runners won’t judge you… much.

13. When you run with a training group for the first time: 

giphy (11)

Okay, so maybe you don’t look THAT bad. Showing up for that first training run can be intimidating, but just remember – you’re better than you think!

14. When you realize today is hill training:

giphy (7)

We know hill training is important and all, but does anyone actually enjoy it? NO.

15. When it’s time to carbo load: 

giphy (17)

Finally, guilt-free pasta. Just try to finish your dinner with some dignity.

16. When you suddenly switch to a soft surface:

giphy (12)

Oh, my sweet, glorious dirt. What a welcome refuge you are from concrete’s cruelty. I shall cherish every step upon your forgiving blanket of shimmering fairy dust.

17. When you look at the calendar and realize how many races you have coming up:

giphy (9)

Hang on, that can’t be right… oh, wait. Yep, that’s what’s happening.

18. When you get selected in a race lottery:

giphy (10)

The stars aligned, the race gods smiled upon you, and your credit card was charged. It’s official!

19. When your non-running friends don’t get your stories: 

giphy (15)

Yeah, we get this look pretty often. Whatever.

20. When someone tells you that you should cut back on running:

giphy (19)

Seriously, why would anyone suggest such a thing? Knees can be replaced.

If you could relate to most of these, congratulations! You’re a runner.



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